My name is Garret Kane Dafferner - I’m a mixed media sculptor and founder of LayLife. But before any of that I worked as an Art/Creative Director in advertising for over ten years. During that time all I ever wanted to do was give something back to a world that has given me so much.

I founded LayLife because I felt that these days animal images are everywhere and anywhere, but often times the very animals who inspire our fashion and decor are neglected in real life.

So we’ve (me, my partner, and our fellow artists) have made one-of-a-kind, watercolor, animal-inspired spreads sourced from sustainable cotton that give back to the animals who shaped them.

10% of all profits is committed directly to the animal and/or its habitat you purchase:

-American Eagle Foundation (eagle)

-Save the Tiger Fund (tiger)

-Clean Ocean Foundation (octopus.)

& we’ll continue to expand as we release new critters.

So lay down, dry off, hang out, decorate, snuggle - whatever you do you can rest easy knowing you’re standing up for animals.